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Thursday 31 May 2012

My Tikona broadband connection review

This is my personal experience with the Tikona broadband connection. I have used many internet service providers like BSNL, Airtel and Hathway but Tikona internet is the worst of all of them. I made a big mistake of installing Tikona internet connection one month back. I paid 2000 Indian rupees for an unlimited 512 kbps connection. The installation took 3 business days. The guy who came for the installation took 3 hours to install the connection. The demonstration was not given as promised in the advertisement.

Every day the internet gets disconnected for at least 15 hours. They have not delivered the promised bandwidth. The speed of the Tikona broadband connection is pathetic. Packet drops are very high. Frequent calls to the technical support team were useless. The technical support guy keeps saying it is a route flapping problem in the access point and it will be fixed soon. Another guy says an Engineer will visit your house and fix the problem. I even tried escalating the issue but in vain. The team leaders and managers don’t even care about the problem. The appellate authority was also not very helpful.

After 2 weeks of frequent disconnections I decided to disconnect the Tikona broadband connection. It’s been over a week now and they have not disconnected my connection. The entire Tikona team is very arrogant and don’t even care about the customer. The tikona network is full of bugs. It’s not reliable. The support is really disappointing. It’s really amazing how the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India gave license to Tikona. It looks like bribe has played a key role. Tikona boasts of 4G speeds but doesn’t even deliver 2G speeds. Don’t even think about buying a Tikona internet connection. You are likely to get cheated. Any personal experiences or comments on Tikona are welcome.