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Tuesday 17 July 2012

Tikona broadband services for enterprises

Tikona broadband provides a wide variety of services for enterprises, educational institutions and small businesses. Tikona is powered by 4G technologies like OFDM and MIMO which delivers incredible speeds and reliability. Check out the various services offered by Tikona and enhance the productivity of employees at your workplace. 

Tikona enterprise services

1) Direct to office leased lines

If internet down time is affecting your business, then it is time to switch to Tikona's direct to office leased lines. Load balancing and failover routing can be improved by using this service. This will give you 100% uptime throughout the day and you don't have to worry about cable cuts or other disruptions. Bandwidth and speed can be correctly utilized using this technology. 

2) Video conferencing 

Video conferencing over a traditional fiber channel can be very expensive because it uses too much bandwidth. Tikona provides an amazing video conferencing solution that not only offers multi point video but also very secure. No separate endpoints are required. You can buy endpoints from Tikona. You can create your own set of endpoints whether it is soft client, conference room or laptop. 

3) Secure corporate Wi-Fi

 Access your office network using the latest Wi-Fi technology. It is not only secure but can save you lots of money. A wide variety of internet devices can be connected including desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablet pc and smart phones. Get complete immunity from disruptions thanks to Tikona's smart antenna technology. Deliver cool solutions to your employees using the WPA2 enterprise architecture. 

 4) Differential access 

Optimize bandwidth distribution to employees using Tikona's differential access services. You can create user groups, user rights and allocate bandwidth depending on the requirement of the user. This can potentially save tons of money for corporates and enterprises. Manage bandwidth better and improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the employee. 

Tikona broadband offers attractive plans for enterprises. You can easily subscribe here

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